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Use Control properties

Learn how to view and edit Control properties using Layout Manager.

The system administrator needs to be logged in to make these changes.

When you have a Draft copy of a sheet, you can select one of the Controls/Attributes and then edit it using Layout Manager's Control Details dialog.

  1. Go to the domain where you want to edit the controls and display any record details.
    Click on Sheet Actions and select Create and Modify Draft.
  2. Use the mouse to hover over the control until a blue-dash line surrounds it e.g.

|Barcode                                                                                        |

  1. Click inside the blue box.
  2. OLIB shows the Control Details.
  3. Edit the Controls and on completion click the red close button.

 Control properties

Here is an explanation of the properties in the Control Details popup.

Property Description
Text The text which is to appear if the control is a label
Attribute The attribute name for a control e.g. 'Barcode (borbarcode)'
Style The name of the style to be used for this control. If the Style is edited here the changes are global.
AutoXPos The position of this control in relation to the control immediately before it. Options - Auto, Below, Fixed, Left, Right or not set.
Stretchy  If this box is ticked the control will extend across the screen and automatically resize to suit the screen space available.
Width The width of this control in pixels.
X Pos The exact position on a sheet is defined with this feature by number of pixels. In order for this to work, AutoXPos should not be set.
Right Margin The margin between this control and the next to the right, in pixels.
Bottom Margin The space between this control and the next one below, in pixels.


There are certain composite attributes that display information from different parts of the database. For example in cataloguing, the Publication Attribute can display data entered in 3 separate attributes when cataloguing - Place of Publication, Publisher and Date of publication – once saved, the data is displayed as one collective attribute. Similarly in the Titles domain you will find many attributes for displaying Availability (Copy) information. You can choose which one you would like to use instead of the default one.