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Admin client settings

Learn how to enter system messages and privacy settings in OLIB.

►System Administration> Admin Client Defaults

The following settings appear automatically in the hit list.

Setting Purpose
MessageOfTheDay Message displayed when OLIB Web is initialising. Defaults to Welcome to OLIB 9.0 Initialising, please wait...

Message to display 1 min before session time out. Do not include apostrophes, single quotes (').

(If the OLIBWebTimeout has been set to 1, this message will not be shown).

MinPermModAnnotation Minimum user permission for alteration of annotations, range 0...9.

Minutes before an unused OLIB Web session is logged out by the browser.

This is a number of minutes of inactivity that will be allowed before the session will be logged out. This defaults to 30 during the installation of Service Pack 10. There is no maximum number, hence this could be set to 1440 (for one day).

(If it is accidentally set to a number less than 1 then it will be treated as 30).

Note: if you change the OLIB Web Timeout setting you will also need to rebuild OLIB Web in order for this to take effect. It is recommended that Library systems hosted by OCLC contact the Support Desk for a rebuild.

HitListThreshold Number of hits before "search again" must be used to retrieve the results.
Privacy Policy Settings
PrivacyBriefLinkHover  Hover text for the privacy policy link on the OLIB Web login page
PrivacyFooterLinkText Hyperlink text for the privacy policy link on the OLIB Web footer
PrivacyBriefLinkText   Hyperlink text for the privacy policy link on the OLIB Web login page
PrivacyBrief Summary privacy policy for the OLIB Web login page. The first line is a heading
PrivacyLink URL for your privacy policy