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Print circulation lists

Discover the methods available to print circulation lists in OLIB.

Batch print

  1. Once all the serials for each day have been checked in, the circulation lists can all be printed as a batch.
  2. Navigate to the Issue Copies domain.
  3. The search defaults to Issue Copies With Circ. List Checked In Today By Current User. All issues that have circulation lists and have been checked in today by the user currently logged into OLIB are listed.
  4. Select the items to be printed and click on Print.
  5. In the print dialog screen, choose the Circulation List layout for printing.
  6. This outputs a PDF file. Each list is output on a separate page.
  7. Once the lists have been printed, return to the list of issues. With the items printed still selected, choose Flag Circulation List as Printed from the available Actions. An acknowledgement message will display.

When you refresh the search all the Circulation lists are now noted as printed with today's date.

Once the copy has been returned from circulation it may be necessary to change the Issue Copy Status to On Shelf:

  1. Navigate to the Issue Copies domain.
  2. Carry out an All Issue Copies search.
  3. Select the issue(s) to update.
  4. Choose Update issue copy status from the available Actions.
  5. In the list of statuses select On Shelf and click on OK. The Status will update.

Print as part of check in

Printing lists as part of the check-in process is not normally recommended because this takes much longer on a per issue basis than batch printing.

  1. Navigate to Check in and click the issue title to display full check in details.
  2. In Issue Copies section, choose the relevant copy and in available Actions select Automatic Check in.
  3. This checks the issue in and creates a copy.
  4. Next click the Issue copy.
  5. From the copy details, click Print and select one of the Routing list layouts.
  6. This outputs the Circulation List as a PDF file.


An alternative method is to search for the serial title in the Issue Copies domain (e.g. using All Issues Copies search). From there, you can select the relevant issue copy/copies and click Print to output the circulation list.

In addition you can enter a ”%” in the Issue Copies Checked In By Current User With No Copy Barcode search, which will list all issue copies checked in by the current user. The issue copies are presented in the order they were checked in, most recent first. You can therefore select the issue copies you checked in during the current session and use the standard printing facilities to print out the circulation lists for those issue copies.

 Note: The benefit of this approach is that the Circulation Lists should be printed out in the same order as the issues are actually physically sorted on your desk. It should be a relatively simple process to match the correct Circulation List with the correct issue.

Controlled circulation lists

Controlled circulation is where you record when an issue is sent to the first user on the circulation list, when the user returns it and when it is sent to the next user on the list. In this way, you can keep track of the exact location of each copy of each issue.

Enable controlled circulation

  1. Navigate to Serials>Serial Copies.
  2. Retrieve the relevant Serial Copy.
  3. Set the Controlled Circ? flag = Yes. When this flag is set to Yes, the Circ. List field on the Issue Copy record screen is populated with the names of the users on the relevant serial copy record’s circulation list.

Print controlled circulation lists

Print a controlled circulation list in the same way as for normal lists. Use the layout Controlled Circ.List (this layout includes the Issue Copy Circ.List field).

 Note: The users in the Issue Copy Circ. List field can be re-sequenced without affecting the sequence of the users on the original circulation list.

Record controlled circulation transactions

To record the fact that you have sent an issue to a user or that a user has returned an issue:

  1. Navigate to Serials > Issue Copies.
  2. Display the details of the relevant issue copy record.
  3. Select the relevant user and choose one of the available Actions listed.
    Action Description
    Flag As Sent To User Adds today’s date to the Date Sent field. If another user has a date in the Date Sent field but nothing in the Date Returned field, today’s date is added to that user’s Date Returned field.
    Undo Sent To User Removes the date from the Date Sent field.
    Flag As Returned From User Adds today’s date to the Date Returned field.
    Undo Returned From User Removes the date from the Date Returned field.