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Undo check in

Discover how to undo a serial check-in in OLIB.


If an issue has been checked in by mistake this can be rectified using the Undo Check in function:

  1. Navigate to the Check in domain.
  2. Search for the issue checked in by mistake using All Issues by Serial Titles / All Issues by Serial Titles (this Location).
  3. Click the record to display the check in screen.
  4. In issue Copies, select the issue to undo checked in.
  5. In available Actions, choose Undo Check in.
  6. Once executed OLIB displays a confirmatory message.

The Received date is cleared, together with any settings in the Circulation List Printed and On columns, and any copy records are also deleted. The issue is now available to be checked in when it actually does arrive.

Issue will never be received

If you are notified that an expected issue will never be received (for example if it was out of print by the time of the claim) you can flag this as Never Will be Received and remove the issue from the check-in screen. This is valid on issue copies whose status is either Expected or Will Never Be Received.

  1. Navigate to Serials> Check in.
  2. Search e.g. on the journal title and in the list of expected issues click on the issue record to display the details.
  3. In Issue Copies, select the check box for the copy which will never be received.
  4. In Actions, select Toggle Will Never Be Received to flag this copy. This will return you to the Check in search and you can see that the issue is no longer outstanding.
  5. If you change the search to All Issues by Serial Title, you can see the issue which you have flagged. It has no expected copies or received copies.

If you made a mistake and the issue is subsequently received, you can use Toggle Will Never Be Received again to set this issue back so that it can be checked in.