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OLIB reports system configuration

Learn how to configure OLIB reports.

OLIB Defaults Reports parameters

A new Reports / Email Configuration tab has been included in OLIB Defaults that includes new parameters pertinent to OLIB Reports:

Academic Year

The Academic Year Start and End dates are used when one of the Academic Year options is selected from a Rolling Dates parameter selection drop-down list, e.g. in CI011. The default values are 01-09 and 31-08 respectively.

These dates can be configured in the Academic Year Start and End fields if they are different from the default values.

When the start date is changed, you will see that the end date defaults to the day before the new start date. Also, the displays immediately to the right of the fields are updated.

The end date can be amended independently of the start date.

GETStream Base URL

To generate correct GETStream URLs using the GETStream URL button on the Run Report screen in the Reports domain, the base OLIB Web URL must be configured here in OLIB Defaults. If this is not specified, the URL will not show correctly in the GETStream URL field in the Reports domain.

Do not include the “/” at the end of the URL.

Object Types

The OLIB Reports module expects several object types to be present. The following is a list of the key features of the predefined types supplied:

Key ID


Mime Type




PDF File





Comma Separated Text





Microsoft Word Document



Blank (no)


Web Page


html (or htm)



Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet



Blank (no)

Note that the Default File Extension must be unique to a single object type.

PDF, CSV, WORD and WWW are hard coded in the OLIB Reports package. The Excel Templating feature requires that the file extension be “xlsx” and that the file be generated in the Office Open XML format introduced in Microsoft Excel 2007.

The new Preview In Browser? field in the Object Types domain, referenced above, will determine whether objects of this type can be previewed in the browser. This is used by OLIB Web to present the content of the object in the Preview / Run Report field on the Run Report tab on the report record details page.

Objects such as Word Documents are not normally capable of being displayed in this fashion. Attempts to display such content by OLIB Web will result in the browser asking the user if the file should be downloaded or opened. This prompt will occur every time the user navigates to or refreshes this sheet on the record, e.g. from another sheet on the layout or from another record in the hitlist.