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This page describes 4 enhancements and 15 bug fixes that apply to the system generally.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 14


IMS Ref Description

Many records were identified in a copy of a customer's data that do not link to valid titles. A script was added to daystart (clear_absent_title_links) to clear down these now unusable records, potentially improving performance and reducing problems for deletion of linked data.



EDI Job Missing.

A customer reported that their EDI orders are not being sent. Investigation showed that the database job was, for some reason, no longer present in their database. To address this, an RSD was put together to regenerate any missing database jobs.


OLB-15064 The TOPdesk logo shows without sizing on the OLIB Web toolbar.
OLB-15144 Changes required for Oracle 19c support

Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description
OLB-14046 Clicking on an Alert cross closes all open tabs.

OLIB Web database sessions are not always closed after the hitlist SQL is executed.

Bank of England, Bar Library, Colombia, North East NHS, Shropshire NHS


Errors when trying to edit a record that you already have open in edit mode.

Records that are under edit no longer have their modify button present on the hitlist.


OLB-15072 Service Pack 13 setup scripts cause Service Pack 11 do_conversion scripts to fail the installation.

The Folder Package will fail to build if the ordering of the TITLEXFEFS columns is non-standard.



Long running processes can result in "No data found" errors within the L$ logging package.



Clicking the 'Select All', 'Select Current Page' or 'Deselect All' on a title hit list causes a 404 page to be displayed.


The SP13 RSD setup scripts fail to execute the conversion scripts.

The Law Society


The OLIB Web connection pool looked for the obsolete maxWait parameter and defaulted to 3000ms

OCLC Hosted Customers


The thread qualification for disclaiming database pool connections is no longer necessary and merely lead to pool exhaustion.

OCLC Hosted Customers

OLB-15213 Java deadlock exposed by WebInspect scan.

Since upgrading to SP13 OLIBWeb is tying up all available CPU cores on the web servers.

OCLC Hosted Customers


OLIB Web is erroneously using the display value for a field as the real field value.

BIS, Bar Library, NERC

OLB-15325 Editable lists do not present nicely. Significant improvements were made to these lists to avoid the checkboxes appearing with excessive white space and causing the rows to take up too much height.

Daystart does not work if the OS user has a "$" included in %USERNAME% and daystart uses Oracle 19c's sqlplus

An updated 'dodaystart.bat' has been provided.