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Details of the enhancement and 11 bug fixes for circulation, reservations and overdue processing can be found on this page.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 14


IMS Ref Description

There was no diagnostic information recorded for the processing of Overdues. This can now be produced by selecting a tracing level on the daystart script "rs030" in OLIB Defaults.

Bar Library

Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

Copy Reservation: if multiple copies are added to a copy reservation (for different titles) no reservation received notification is sent.



Error when returning to the Issues/Returns/Renewals (circulation desk) screen using the breadcrumb.

Shropshire NHS, SWIMS


Renewing an item after the borrower’s expiry date ignores the expiry date when validating the renewal.

Additionally, a new Circulation message (cmc083) is provided which will, by default, prevent renewal of an item if the new return date is the same or earlier than the current return date. This is primarily aimed at Folio renewals where users might repeatedly request a renewal. This would avoid them reaching their max renewal limit with no benefit to the return date. The circulation message can be amended to allow override on the circulation desk or to allow the renewal to proceed in Folio if desired.

Shropshire NHS


Describing the HELD copy status 'held awaiting collection' was misleading and has been changed back to 'Reserved'.

Anglo-American, Chartered Society of Physiotherapy, North East NHS, Shropshire NHS, SWIMS


Circulation Messages marked for no display, still display - e.g. User Not At Current Location.

IMechE, Shropshire NHS


Users whose accounts are banned should not have their items auto-renewed.

Shropshire NHS


The circulation message override settings are not behaving as expected. This was also found to be causing issues for SIP2 transactions.

Shropshire NHS


Overdue notices do not get sent out unless there is at least one Location-Level setting attached to a loanterm record or a reservation rule record attached to a location.

Bar Library; DEFRA

OLB-15287 The borders around table fields on the Circ Desk are incomplete.
OLB-15290 Expiry date validation generates an error when the browser and system environments differ such that the month abbreviation does not match.
OLB-15375 Copy held for another user message missing letters