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This page lists the 11 security updates in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15

Issues Fixed

The biggest security changes were enabled by the removal of OLIB WorldView from the release.

This is a list of the internal references for security related fixes in this Service Pack. Details are not provided here in order to avoid advertising how to exploit systems that do not have these fixes.

OLB-15227 OLB-15257 OLB-15232 OLB-15330 OLB-15331 OLB-15332
OLB-15333 OLB-15334 OLB-15387 OLB-15392 OLB-15548  

As a result of a support call, customers may have been advised of one or more of the above references. If you have a note of any of these issues and are awaiting a remedy, please take time to look at the suitability of Service Pack 14 with a view to upgrading as soon as possible.