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Discover the 19 fixes and 15 enhancements relating to Folio in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description

The Authors and Series searches in Folio to be configured so that the when a search is run, the results displayed are either a list of the titles connected to that author/series or a list of matching Names/Series.

To configure this update, searches called "name" and "series" can be added to the smenu_options array.

The setting "authority_file_search" can be added or adjusted in the g_subject, g_name or g_series configuration blocks to enable the default behaviour. To add the checkbox to the search form, add a "searchfields" setting with "getTitles_cb" at the start of the value field.
(e.g. "getTitles_cb Retrieve titles?"). This checkbox, when checked, will retrieve titles instead of the authority records and will be defaulted based on the value of "authority_file_search".

In the checkbox setting, as with other search fields, the text after the first space in the value will be used as the field label. Value 2 will be used as the tool-tip, Value 3 will be presented after the field to advise the user of the purpose of the checkbox.



It should be possible to configure Folio to offer self-registration with the mandatory login (auth_need = always) enabled.



OPAC Configuration settings for arrays should be more easily correlated with associated arrays in the admin interfaces to facilitate correction of mismatches.

This is particularly valuable for the "tidetails_tabs" array. This now shows the list of included items in the array in the order they will be used and, to the right of that list, the list of "tidetails_tbs_labels" that are included in the order they will be assigned to the tabs.


The screenshot above shows the lists as seen for the "tidetails" setting which presents the list of copies for the title. In the screenshot, is shown the related setting ("tidetails_tabs_labels"), the interface number for the related list (1). The interface number can be changed to show the related array values from any alternative language configurations.

Below that, on the left, it shows the list of array siblings for the "tidetails", with the current position showing a line of dashes in the value followed by "related", "contents" and "abstract". To the right of this is shown the values for the related array which provides the tab labels, i.e "Availability", "Related Items", "Contents" and "Abstract".


Add additional facets for Title-Borrower links to Folio to emulate those available in Webview. In WebView, these were referenced as 'tpnusers'. The Folio implementation has been simplified for maintenance to ensure consistency.

A tiau_facet_tpxusers setting will present the appropriate facet. Value 3 will give the n value for this type of user link (to distinguish, for example, between Owner and Distributor).

The usual facet header and select text settings can be used (e.g. fb_header_tpxusers), but to distinguish between the facet blocks, fb_header_tp5users can be set for the facet block with value 3 set to 5.

In order to provide the user with full information on each truncated facet entry, the setting "facet_checkbox_title_tpxusers" can be set to "Click to select/deselect %l_dispstr%" (including quotes). This can also be varied between types of user facet, if required, by replacing "tpxusers" with, e.g. "tp3users".

Additionally, to reduce the initial height of the facet block, only the first 10 are displayed with a link to display the next 10. Thereafter, links will show/hide 10 at a time. The text in these links can be specified in settings called facet_seemore (defaulting to "+ more +") and facet_seeless (defaulting to "- fewer -").



Change the way bound volumes are listed in OPAC title details.

This change will, by default, present the received issues and expected issues in batches of 6 and the bound volumes in pairs. This can be configured with the new settings in the g_title_details config block that will be generated once a serial has been shown in Folio using the tidetails_tabs value ser_issues (this is the default for serials):

To change the number of records shown at a time, adjust bvol_rows_at_a_time for bound volumes, eiss_rows_at_a_time for expected issues or riss_rows_at_a_time for received issues.

To adjust the hover text for the icons presented there are 6 new settings for each of the lists named above:

Setting name Default Text Purpose
bvol_show_all, eiss_show_all and riss_show_all "<span class='font-icon' title='Show the whole list'>&#xf1ce;</span>" For the "expand to show all items" link
bvol_show_first, eiss_show_first, riss_show_first "<span class='font-icon' title='Show the initial list'>&#xe5dc;</span>"  For the link which shows the first set of records
bvol_show_initial, eiss_show_initial, riss_show_initial "<span class='font-icon' title='Collapse the list'>&#xf1cf;</span>" For the link which returnes to showing the first set of records after show all has been used.
bvol_show_last, eiss_show_last, riss_show_last "<span class='font-icon' title='Show the last records'>&#xe5dd;</span>" For the link which shows the last set of records
bvol_show_next, eiss_show_next, riss_show_next "<span class='font-icon' title='Jump up the list'>&#xe408;</span>" For the link which shows the set of records that are presented higher up the list
bvol_show_prev, eiss_show_prev, riss_show_prev "<span class='font-icon' title='Jump down the list'>&#xe409;</span>" For the link which shows the set of records that are presented lower down the list

BIS, Logos


Google analytics to be implemented in Folio.

This is enabled by including the tracking code from your Google Analytics configuration in a setting called "google_analytics_code" in the gno_startup config block. You may find a "google_analytics_code" setting from a past WebView configuration in the "webview_archive" config block which can be moved to "gno_startup" or you can simply create a new setting in gno_startup.

This code from Google looks like:

<!-- Global site tag (gtag.js) - Google Analytics -->
<script async src=""></script>
  window.dataLayer = window.dataLayer || [];
  function gtag(){dataLayer.push(arguments);}
  gtag('js', new Date());
  gtag('config', 'UA-nnnnnnnn-1');

 Caution: the value must be enclosed in double quotes and, as such, the double quotes in the code provided by Google must be replaced with single quotes.

In the code above, both occurrences of "nnnnnnnn" must be replaced with the number Google generated for your analytics site.

When configured, the following events are monitored:

  • search (without terms)
  • login (through OLIB form)
  • begin_checkout (reservation list)
  • purchase (place reservation)
    • transaction ID is the reservation number; item ID is the titleno
  • page_view (User services, welcome, breadcrumb (search style))
  • view_item_list (with folder number or "basket" as an item ID)
  • add_to_cart / Remove_from_cart - to add/remove from the basket, with the titleno as the Item ID



Publication date facet in Folio:  A date range.

To configure this, create or amend a pdate_opts array entry with a value of "T". When present, the user can enter a year (e.g. 2010); an open-ended range of years (e.g. 2005- for "2005 onward") or a finite range of years (e.g. 2017-2021).

Law Society, NRW, NERC, DEFRA


URL links to Folio Keyword and Title search.

The URLs that present a hitlist now also present the appropriate search form and provide a heading indicating the search term used.

The URLs can present a keyword search (using "?keyword=terms" after the Folio URL); a title serch (using "?title=word") or a prefiltered search (using "?xxx=term", to use the "pf_xxx" search). To use the Straight To Prefiltered search URL, that search must be included in the smenu_options array.

Additionally, it is now possible to provide a link that will present a Folio search form of a specified type without carrying out a search.

The URL to present an empty search form, the Folio URL must be followed by "?searchform=sss", where sss is an included option in the smenu_options array. or a prefiltered search form, the "pf_" must be specified.

As these Straight To Prefiltered Search URLs can vary between implementations they are processed after other Straight To checks, although the searches are processed before "keyword" and "title=", allowing "pf_keyword" to provide a prefiltered keyword search should this be desired.

Law Society


Folio should allow for systems to be configured to prevent any activity without logging in.

This has been implemented similarly to WebView by setting "auth_need = always" in gno_startup.

Anglo-American, Bar Library


Extend time zone recognition to Password reset.

In systems configured with a customer time zone that differs from the server time zone, the time given in the password reset email will be given in the customer's time zone.


There are no standard Folio icons for CDROM media.

To aid configuration, a gallery page has been added that is accessible with "gallery.html" in the same folder as the icons.



Support for Microsoft Edge Chromium required in OLIB Web and OLIB Folio.



It would be helpful to have a way to "reset" the breadcrumb trail when required and start again from the Welcome page.

This has been delivered via a button to the left of the Welcome Page. The hover text for the button can be changed by creating a setting called "l_clear_session_activity" in the gno_startup config block.



Request to optionally make private records viewable using straight-to links when not logged in.

This has been delivered by adding a "Direct Link Only" option for the "Include In OPAC" setting on a title. When set to this, titles cannot be found in searches but they can be displayed using straight-to links by title number, ISN or OCLC Number.



Preselected items in the media sub-type list should appear at the top or the facet list rather than alphabetical order.

This has been applied to several facet lists.



Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

Folio will show the previous title details page if a subsequent deep link (e.g. by OCLC Number) is not found and the session is still available.

The text showing when the title cannot be displayed is controlled by the setting "straight_to_private_title" or "straight_to_private_object" for unavailable Object links. A further setting "straight_to_reserve_hover" has been added for the hover text for the Reserve breadcrumb.



The "Previous Record" option should not display on a title details page when viewing the first record.

Similarly the "Next Record" option has been removed when viewing the last record.

Anglo-American / The Technical Library; North East Scotland College


The Folio subject hitlist does not perform well and can tie up database CPU. The performance, here, often lead to the page timing out or the user thinking that the search will not work.

Bar Library, Colombia, NRW


Including title details option 'osgrid' breaks the title details view.



The Folio loan list heading for barcode was not configurable. This has been remedied so that changes to the "l_cBarcode" setting are now read correctly.



Folio straight to title links have been broken.


The hover text for the breadcrumb Results option following an author, subject or classmark key search (e.g. by clicking on an author on the title details page) only contained a number. It should contain the author, subject or classmark followed by the hitlist page number.



Several objects in Folio are currently unable to be translated, e.g. the breadcrumb trail labels.

The new settings that can be used are:

l_search - to provide the text for the button on the search form. There is a current setting in a now obsolete config block (navigator). To be used by Folio this settings needs to be updated to refer to the g_searchform config block (for all searches) or a search specific config block to present a different label on the form just for that search. This defaults to "Search".

l_reserve_button_text - to provide the text for the reserve button. This defaults to "Reserve".

l_reserve_button_title - to provide the tool-tip for the reserve button. This defaults to "Place Reservation".



Folio no longer handles a language switch.



Keyword searches for 'pattern' cause an Oracle parsing problem and fail to return hits due to an error.

Colchester Institute


Folio Searches for long author names do not behave properly.



The text in the My Account menu overflows the menu drop-down.



ISBN is repeated in the isn field label on the Folio title details screen. Also, if you remove "ISBN:" from the Value 2 field, "ISBN :" defaults in as the field label but with an extraneous space between ISBN and :



Folio password reset doesn't accept any of the answers even when entered correctly.


Facets are squashed in certain search options.



The OLIB Folio interface was not being defaulted when inferred from the URL (i.e. using the Welsh URL did not present Welsh translations).

A new setting called "initialiseInterface" has been delivered which now defaults URLs ending with ".cymru" to Welsh. This setting can be adjusted according to customer needs.



Title Set Refresh: refreshing title set does not include those titles with Include to OPAC status set to 'Direct Link Only'.