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Discover the 6 fixes and one enhancements relating to General system usage in the SP15 service pack release notes.

This information is part of OLIB 9>> Release Notes>> Service Pack 15


IMS Ref Description

The Keyword index domain's usability has been enhanced noticeably by extending the hitlist to include the last build information. This makes it simpler to ascertain if a rebuild would be useful.


Bug fixes

IMS Ref Description

OLIB does not allow an ampersand (&) to be used in an email address.

The application has been updated to cater for more valid email address characters in order to avoid potential future issues should a change of email structure be implemented.

OLB-15139 OLIB Web will not open a folder record from a Select Other Search dialog.

The OLIB Web hide header action intermittently takes effect and cannot be undone with the expected action.

The hide header functionality has been removed and will be replaced with a more accessible solution in the future.



The Link checker alert email used an obsolete URL for advice.



OLIB Web does not always tick the selection boxes when using select all/current page.

The selection box update in Service Pack 14 has been redeveloped to minimise problems.

Law Society

OLB-15492 Using Deselect All on a hit list in OLIB Web sometimes removes the hit information from display.