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Fines and fees data

Migrating this data is optional, perhaps depending on the volume of your data.

An OCLC non-bibliographic data analyst will work with you.

The Fines data that is exported from OLIB will only be for those items that are NOT still accruing fines or fees. Items which are overdue and are accruing fines will be migrated as Loans to WMS. Once these items have been transferred, WMS circulation parameters will control the loan and ensure that the required fine is levied when the item is returned.

Bill Reasons

These are used to indicate why a patron is being billed (OLIB's “Charge Types”). The bill reasons are determined as part of the circulation config training.

The bill reasons you create can be used in:

  • Bill Structures: these determine the amount of bills and how long fines and fees will be accrued (OLIB's “Fine Rates” and “Sequences”)
  • Long Overdue and Lost Policy
  • Manually creating a bill

 If needed, further information is always available: