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How to benefit from workspaces in OLIB.

Your ‘workspace’ is the arrangement of windows / searches on the screen. This workspace is how the system first appears to you every time you log in. OLIB Web is supplied with a standard Global Workspace. All Users automatically login to this standard Workspace that usually includes the Menu and a search window. Users do not generally have permission to change the Global Workspace. Selected Users must be granted permission specifically to do so. However Users with sufficient privileges can set up their own Workspaces in addition to this.

You can also set up a particular Workspace as the ‘default' Workspace so that OLIB Web always starts up with this arrangement of windows instead of the default Global Workspace. Optionally you might wish to set up any number of additional Workspaces suitable for the different activities staff perform.

Create a new Workspace

  1. At the top right of the screen, hover over the current Workspace link. This displays your current Workspace, My Permissions, Options and New Workspace.
  2. Select the New Workspace option. This closes all current screens.
  3. Open up the desired windows for the new workspace. E.g. this could mean opening up a Folder.
  4. At the top right go to Options and click the Workspace tab
  5. Enter the new Workspace in Workspace Name.
  6. Click Save and it will be added to the list of Workspaces at the top right of the screen. Click Make Default if this is to be the default Workspace for this user.

You can grant permissions to other users to access this Workspace through Ongoing Use of Permissions: Sharing of an 'Object'.

Open existing Workspaces

  1. At the top right of the screen, hover over the Workspaces link.
  2. Click on a Workspace name to open it.

Change your default Workspace

  1. Log in with your personal username.
  2. Open the Workspace you want to make the default every time you log in.
  3. On the top right click Options and click the Workspace tab.
  4. Click Make Default.

Delete the Workspace

  1. Open the Workspace to be deleted.
  2. On the top right click Options and the Workspace tab.
  3. Click Delete and Yes to confirm.
  4. The Workspace is no longer listed under the Workspaces link.