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Sort results

How to sort search results in OLIB.

All search results are displayed in a default order which is summarised underneath the search entry box, or at the foot of the page beneath any existing records displayed in the list view. This order can be re-arranged by your own sort criteria.

  • At the top of the screen under the search boxes, the "Sorting Options" link is displayed. For long lists of results this takes you to sort options at the foot of the screen.
  • At the foot of the screen, "Sorting by" is where you can change the current sorting field

To re-sort a results set

  1. The default sorting may need to be removed - click the minus icon where the current sort order displays at the foot of the screen.
  2. Next to the default sort criteria click Add More.
  3. From the Add sorting Criteria window click an alternative sort field.
  4. Select a field to sort by e.g. Series. OLIB re-displays the search page containing your new sort criteria.
  5. Enter your search criteria, which may be a wildcard % and click search to execute.

Note: use the Linked Domains drop down to choose to sort by a field that exists in a related domain.

To Re-set the Default Sort Order

When you exit the current domain, the default sort order is restored.

To Delete the Sort Order

  1. Click on the minus icon where the current sort order displays.
  2. Click Add More to choose alternatives or exit the domain to restore the default sort order.

 To keep the sort order for future use you can create a Saved Search.