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Output records

Discover how to output a subset of records using print and clipboard.

After any search in OLIB Web it is possible to output the results to file / print / copy to clipboard / add to folder.

This may be a list of titles in the Titles domain for example. The data from your search can be output in a number of ways as listed here.

OLIB's print button

This outputs record details not just the hitlist fields.

  1. Go to the domain containing the records for output, e.g. Titles.
  2. Search for the records to obtain them in the hitlist.
  3. Select the records you want to output by checking the boxes.
  4. Click on Print to display the Print Records dialog.
  5. Choose a print layout that the records will be output in, e.g. General.
  6. Choose the sheet range, paper size and orientation. The Sheet Range refers to the sheets used to display the record in OLIB (e.g. the Users Standard Layout contains 5 sheets).
  7. Choose a Document Type. If you select RTF, the output file will launch using MS WORD - this enables you to save and edit the content; if you select PDF, the file launches with Adobe Acrobat and will be read-only.
  8. Click Print to display in WORD / PDF- that you can save / edit / print / download.

This outputs the record "details" (not just the hitlist display) of the selected items in the hitlist, using the current layout.

Browser print facility

If you print via the browser Print facility - this prints the contents of the hitlist fields (without the “surrounding” action buttons, Menu, etc). Note this includes records from just the current web page.

Print to Clipboard

If you output using OLIB's Clipboard button, this gives you a popup where you can copy [CTRL-C] the records for use elsewhere.

Output all items in the hitlist

If you wish to output the entire hitlist, this is a fast alternative to checking the box of every record in the hitlist to use with OLIB's Print / Clipboard / Add to Folder functions.

Use the All Items check box to do this without having to select the records first. (If you tried to use Select All instead, this could take a long time to determine the Actions available for a large selection of records).

This includes all the pages of the hitlist, not just the first page. It ignores any selections that you may have made prior to checking All Items and selecting the Print/Clipboard/Add To Folder option.

  1. In the chosen domain, e.g. Titles, search for the records to output.
  2. In the Results section check the All Items box next to the Print button.
  3. Select the Print / Clipboard / Add to Folder option as preferred

 The Print button prints the record details of each item in the hitlist using the selected layout. If all you want to do is print the hitlist fields (as opposed to copying the hitlist to the clipboard), use the browser’s print facility (as above) instead. This will print the contents of the hitlist fields without the “surrounding” action buttons, Menu, etc. Note this will only include the records on the current web page however.