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Financial periods

Discover how to define the dates for the financial period of your library funds.

Financial periods are user definable units of time, usually a financial year. However there can be several smaller financial periods to accommodate reporting needs. Alternatively, if financial periods / reporting are irrelevant to your organisation then simply define a single financial period over a long period of time, e.g. 10 years.

Create a financial period

  1. Go to Funds>Financial Periods.
  2. Click New Record in Context.
  3. Enter a Short and Long Description e.g. for the current financial year.
  4. The Start Date defaults to the End date of the previous financial period on the system. This can be changed.
  5. Enter an End Date in the correct format 01-JUL-2009.

Next combine the Account(s) you have created with the correct Financial Period to create Account Instances that you can place Orders against.