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Create copy reservations

Learn how to place a reservation on copy records in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk
►Circulation> Reservations

To place a reservation on a specific copy of an item:

  1. Go to Circulation> Reservations or use the Circ. Desk screen. Change the Reservation Type to Copy Reservation in the drop down.
  2. Click in User to search, select and insert the relevant User unless you have already brought this through from the Circ. Desk.
  3. Click in Copies to search for the relevant copy you wish to reserve.
  4. Use the calendar icon for Required Before and/or a Required After date if necessary. OLIB discontinues the reservation if it is not satisfied by the Required Before date. OLIB does not activate the reservation until the Required After date is reached.
  5. Collection Location is used to identify that the reserved item will be collected from a different location to that of the location at which the item is being reserved. When the copy is returned for the reserving User a message will display alerting you to route the copy to the correct collection location. This is intended for use in multi-site libraries.
  6. Save the reservation record on completion.

More than one copy of the same title may be selected and carried back to the reservation screen.