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Cancel reservations

Learn how to cancel reservations on items in OLIB.

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►Circulation> Reservations

Reservations are cancelled in the Reservations domain:

  1. Search for the reservation e.g. by user barcode number.
  2. Select the reservation to be cancelled and choose Cancel this reservation in available Actions.
  3. Click Yes at the prompt to confirm you wish to cancel the reservation.

The list of active reservations will automatically refresh and the cancelled reservation will no longer be present (unless you search again e.g. All Reservations by Title).

Cancel held items that are reserved: a warning message will display if a reserved item with a loan status of Held is cancelled.

Cancel multiple reservations: you can select more than one reservation in the hitlist and choose the Cancel Reservation Action.

Permissions: you can set permissions on the Cancel this reservation action in Admin Client Configuration>Methods. In this way you can restrict cancellation of reservations to a group of staff members.