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Permanent loans

Learn how to perform a permanent loan issue for an item in OLIB.

icon_issues.gif Circ. Desk

A permanent loan facility is included to enable items to be issued to a user indefinitely (i.e. without a return date) using the Transaction Type Permanent Loan Issue.

Issue permanent loan items

  1. In the Circ Desk screen set Trans Type to Permanent Loan Issue.
  2. Enter the user and copy barcode as normal.
  3. The item is issued to the user without a return date.

The Copy Status will be set to the default Permanent Loan Copy Status configured by the System Administrator in OLIB Defaults: Overdues Defaults. (This Copy Status is already provided with OLIB).

Whenever you enter the barcode of the user on the Circ Desk screen, the items that the user has on loan are listed in the Loan Items list box. If an item is on permanent loan, it will still be listed in Loan Items. However, both the Ret. Date column and the Renewal Info column will be blank.

Renew permanent loan items

If you attempt to renew the item using the Renewal or Unseen Renewal transaction type, the following message will be displayed to indicate that you can't renew an item that is on permanent loan.

The copy is on permanent loan so it cannot be renewed.

Return permanent loan items

An item that is on permanent loan is returned in the normal way, - simply scan in the copy barcode in the Copy field. A standard Return transaction will be recorded.