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About reservations configuration

Discover an introduction to reservations configuration in OLIB.

► User Management> Locations

Multiple locations and reservation rules

Using Locations: Circ Details: Reservations/Recall Parameters there is very flexible configuration possible for multi-site libraries. The settings that you configure here determine what reservation rules operate for Users belonging to that Location. You can configure what User Categories can make reservations; what other Locations they can place reservations at; what Copy Categories, Copy Statuses and Loan Statuses apply. OLIB tabulates the 'Reservation Rules' you configure so that they are easily visible on screen.

 Caution: the Reservation Rules should first be considered carefully and planned out prior to setting up Reservations in OLIB. Once you have a single rule set up, all other materials / users are excluded from reservations. Conversely, if you do not set up any rules, any OLIB User has the ability to reserve anything - unless Reservations have been specifically 'disallowed' at this Location. Do not change the rules during a busy operational time.

Other location specific settings

These are also configured in Locations: Circ Details: Reservations/Recall Parameters and are explained in Reservations Configuration. These settings include:

  • Maximum reservations per User
  • Reservations Allowed for specific Copies and Locations
  • What should happen if the reserving user is banned or expired etc..
  • Whether reservations should be submitted as Active

Reservations received notifications and rotas


OLIB can be configured to email library staff when a library user has placed a reservation, e.g:

A new reservation has just been received as follows: [User details] [Reservation Ref], [Title] [Reserved On]

Please go to the Reservations domain in WorldView to process it.

The email is sent to a specified member of staff who processes reservations.


This configuration determines what order is used to send the notification to the various Locations.