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Postal loans

Discover how to manage postal loans in OLIB.

►Circ. Desk

It is possible to record which address a postal loan is being sent to. This takes place in the Circ. Desk screen as normal and the postal address being used is displayed on the screen.

Layout manager configuration

Some new fields need to be added to the Circ. Desk screen and other related domains.

 Note: the system manager needs to use Layout Manager to add these fields:

Attribute Placement
User Addresses Issue screen layout (beneath User and Copy fields).
Address (Postal Loan) Copies layout in Loan Details section.
Transactions (with address info) History Sheet of the Copies layout.
Transaction History (with address info) Circulation History sheet of the Users Layout.
Issue History Addresses layout: lists the Issue transactions with which this address has been associated, together with the transaction date.
Copy Links Addresses layout: lists the copies that are currently on loan at this address, together with the date that the item is due back.

Issues procedure

Addresses are recorded on all transactions during circulation, but are only linked to a copy record during an Issue transaction. When associated with an issue transaction, a copy is made of the Addresses record and this copy is linked to the transaction and the copy record. This same new address will be used for each issue until either the Clear button is used, a different user address is selected or a different user barcode is entered in the User barcode field.

Issuing postal loan items is straightforward.