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Understanding GreenGlass


Group Features in GreenGlass


Individual library features in GreenGlass


Preparing for a GreenGlass project


GreenGlass for serials

What is GreenGlass for serials? (3:49)

In this video discover how GreenGlass will help libraries understand their print serials collection in new ways.

GreenGlass for serials - analysis (12:18)

In this video, discover how to use the analysis tab in GreenGlass to analyze your library's serials collection.

GreenGlass for Serials: holdings lists, title details, and exported lists (5:46)

In this video you’ll learn about Holdings Lists, Title Details, and Exported Lists in GreenGlass for Serials. If you haven’t yet watched the GreenGlass for Serials Analysis video, we recommend you view that video first, then come back to this one.

Establishing your list of comparator libraries (4:28)

This video helps Sustainable Collection Services libraries build their list of library comparators.