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Retention models

Discover how to use the GreenGlass Model Builder to help you understand collection design options, and how they effect each library in the group.


Members of shared-print projects can build and experiment with any number of group-wide retention models. The GreenGalss Model Builder is an interactive tool created to help users understand design options and estimate the impact on each library in the group.

To find the Model Builder, hover over your library's name in the top right of the header and click on the name of your shared print project. From there, click on the Group Analysis tab. The Overview screen displays with a list of your saved retention models, in the order of the highest retention threshold to the lowest.

From this screen you can:

An overview of the Saved Retention Models interface that displays a list of retention models and details

  1. Create a new retention model by clicking Add New.
  2. Use the green arrow next to a retention model to see the components of the model.
  3. View the percentage of the shared collection that would be retained for each model.
  4. View the percentage of your library's collection that would be retained for each model.
  5. Click on the name of a retention model to be taken to the Model Builder.

Model Builder

The Model Builder page is where you can create a new model or make updates to a previously created one. Clicking on the name of one of your saved retention models or clicking Add New will take you to the Model Builder. All models are retention-based, meaning that they focus exclusively on categories of materials that should be retained on behalf of the collective collection.

The Model Builder uses the following embedded logic:

  • Primary components are referred to as rules.
  • Secondary components are referred to as conditions.
  • AND logic is used between the conditions of a rule.
  • OR logic is used between the rules themselves.
  • All rules begin with a retention threshold of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 or All.
  • There is no limit to the number of rules and conditions you can add to a model.

To build a model

  1. Navigate to Group Analysis > Model Builder.
  2. Click on the number of your libraries under Criteria > Libraries to expand the list.
  3. Check or uncheck the libraries you want to include in the model and click confirm.

     Note: Your own library cannot be excluded from your libraries.

  4. Click New Rule.
    1. For Retain, choose a retention threshold from the drop-down menu.
    2. (Optional) Click Add Condition and enter the condition's criteria.
    3. (Optional) Repeat step b until you have added all the conditions you want for your rule.
  5. (Optional) Repeat step 4 until you have added all the rules you want for your model.