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Data sources

Learn about the data available in EZproxy Analytics.

Available data

The two main types of data available for analytics are are your Audit logs and your EZproxy logs. Your Audit logs can be used to analyze user data and login behavior. EZproxy logs can be used to analyze the web traffic between platforms and your library users.  For more information, see Log types.

These EZproxy and Audit logs are processed into EZproxy analytics into three separate log indexes:

  1.  audit-*: Displays information about who is accessing the data. Information is loaded on a nightly basis.
  2. ezpaarse-*: Displays access event data which shows which e-resources are being accessed and how. By using ezPaarse to enrich your EZproxy log data, we are able to provide more value than you would normally get solely from analyzing EZproxy logs directly. Information is loaded on a nightly basis.
  3. spu-*: Starting point URL data which shows how your e-resources are being discovered. Data is available in real-time. 

To explore log data, use the Discover tool from the left menu. See Use the Discovery tool to view and sort your data for more information.

Watch a video

Know your data

Run time: 1:40

Learn about the types of data that are available to analyze.

Examples of data

Below are examples of the data available for analysis in EZproxy Analytics.

 Note: This list is not exhaustive, available data is dependent on your EZproxy configuration.

  • E-resource data
    • Platform
    • Content provider
    • Resource type (i.e., table of contents or full-text)
    • MIME type (HTML or PDF)
    • Database/journal
  • Time series data
    • Month
    • Date
    • Hour
    • Custom time windows
  • Account data
    • Institution
    • Group (i.e., student or faculty)
    • User
  • Location data
    • Contingent
    • Country
    • Region
    • City
  • Security data
    • Login failures
    • Login successes
    • Password attempts
    • Session expirations