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You cannot access the EZproxy Hosted Preproduction Server

  • You cannot access the Preproduction Server, getting "This site can't be reached" and " refused to connect" and " refused to connect".
Applies to
  • EZproxy Hosted Server preproduction

One of the most important reasons to test is to ensure that your EZproxy server restarted. Following are some common reasons why an EZproxy server will not restart after changes have been made.  

Preproduction Port

Try bouncing pre-production and see if that resolves the issue.

Make sure that the EZproxy URL has been appended with the preproduction port, :9080, and that the URL looks similar to the following: or

If this port number is missing, you will be taken to your live, production site, and you will not see any of the changes that were made.

IncludeFile is a position-independent config.txt directive that tells EZproxy to open the specified file and use it to configure EZproxy as though its contents were part of the main config.txt file. With OCLC-hosted EZproxy, OCLC works with many content providers to automatically update stanzas on your hosted EZproxy server, using these IncludeFile directives in the EZproxy config.txt file.

If you add an IncludeFile directive pointing to a file that does not exist or that exists in a different location than specified by your directive, EZproxy will fail to restart after your changes have been made. If EZproxy does not restart and you cannot access your login page, first ensure that you have the correct you are pointing to in the IncludeFile directive statement. Then, verify that the file names and paths for all IncludeFile directive statements are correct. If they are wrong, make changes and try accessing the hosted server in preprod. If they are correct, move to the next item.

Log in to the EZproxy admin page in preproduction using the URL given above and appending /admin on the end. For example:

Click the hyperlink to last 100 after View messages.txt. This will show the messages recorded in the messages.txt file. When EZproxy encounters an error when trying to restart, sometimes that error is recorded in the messages.txt file. Look for any explicit error messages that identify a problem with the restart.

REPLACE XXX with the actual Domain_Name from the EZproxy Hosted Production Sites at

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