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My vendor is asking me to Login or Subscribe when I proxy their site with EZproxy

  • You are hitting the pay wall, being asked to subscribe, or asked to login when you proxy a website.
Applies to
  • EZproxy Hosted
  • EZproxy Standalone

Short introduction or instructions to follow these steps:

  1. Confirm the vendor has the External IP address of your EZproxy server correctly configured to access your subscription
  2. Verify you have an up to date stanza for the resource
  3. Verify you are actually proxying their site. If you have ExcldueIP configured in EZproxy for your campus IP range. You are not proxying the site. You are being sent directly to the site. Contact the database vendor and provide them with your Campus IP range. Be sure they also have your EZproxy server IP as well or you will lose off campus access.
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