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I am not receiving email notifications from my EZproxy server

Applies to
  • EZproxy version 7.2 and higher


If you’re not receiving real-time notifications and you have tripped security rules, please check the following.

Go to the EZproxy admin screen, View security rules > Tripped Security Rules Notifications and verify:

1. Your email address is listed and correct.  Multiple email addresses must be separated by a comma (,).

2. The ‘Receive Daily Email Digest (All email addresses)’ check box is not selected.  If it is, instead of real-time notifications, you will receive a daily digest once a day at midnight.

3. The WSKey Secret has been entered.  If a secret is present, the 'Add' button will say 'Update'.  If secret is blank, notifications will not send.  Click the asterisk (*) on the page for more information.

4. Check the messages.txt file.  Successful attempts or errors sending emails will be logged there.

5. If you’ve taken the above steps and emails are still not being received, contact OCLC Support with your OCLC symbol and errors from messages.txt.

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