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How Kanopy Access is Configured

  • I have the Kanopy stanza but am having trouble accessing it
Applies to
  • Any EZproxy server with the Kanopy stanza
  1. Access Kanopy using your institution's unique URL that has your site code. This is provided by Kanopy.

Example: https://Your.EZproxy.Server/login?url=https://[sitecode]


Additional information

The Kanopy site will drop proxy once you have accessed it through EZproxy. The site keeps you in an authenticated session, giving you access to their full suite of content without EZproxy.

Also, going to the standalone URL without the proxy prefix (https://[sitecode] will take you to a Kanopy screen, prompting a login that will then connect you to your EZproxy to login. This portion of access is fully configured from the Kanopy end. Once logged in to EZproxy, it will redirect to Kanopy as described above.

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