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End of support for EZproxy 5.7.44

Applies to
  • EZproxy V5.7.44

The following FAQ provide details about how the end of support for EZproxy V5.7.44 will impact libraries currently using an older version of EZproxy:

When did support for EZproxy 5.7.44 end? August 31, 2017.

What does "end of support" mean? After August 31, 2017, OCLC no longer provides technical support for sites running EZproxy 5.7.44. If you call OCLC Support to ask for assistance with EZproxy 5.7.44, we will ask that you upgrade to the latest version first. You may continue to run EZproxy 5.7.44 in an unsupported mode as long as you prefer.

I purchased EZproxy prior to version 5.7.44 under the "lifetime license" model. What does this mean for me? You may continue to run version 5.7.44 in unsupported mode as long as you prefer. If you need support, you will need to purchase an annual subscription and upgrade to the latest version of EZproxy. Please see EZproxy Ordering for more information.

Will EZproxy 6.x continue to be supported? Yes.

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