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EZproxy link results in a page full of symbols

  • When accessing a resource, page loads random symbols and diamond-like shapes.
Applies to
  • EZproxy 
  • version(s): ALL
  1. Log into your EZproxy Admin page.
  2. Under the Current Activity heading, click on the View server status hyperlink.
  3. Checkbox the following: Include extended information & Enable Sorting.
  4. Click the Update radio button.
  5. In the Databases section, look for the reference: HTTPHeader Accept-Encoding.
  6. Open config.txt.
  7. Search your config.txt file (also look in any include files) for HTTPHeader Accept-Encoding.
  8. Change the line to HTTPHeader -request -process Accept-Encoding. This makes it act locally and restricts functionality to that stanza.
  9. Save the config.txt (or include) file changes.
  10. Restart EZproxy.
  11. Clear browser cache & cookies.
  12. Open a new session of EZproxy and test link again.
Additional information

HTTPHeader directive

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