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EZproxy SAML Error Assertion is signed; signature is invalid or node path "/samlp:Response/*[3]/*"

  • Your Messages will show something similar to 2022-12-30 08:12:09 SAML Assertion is signed; signature is invalid
    2022-12-30 08:12:09 SAML node path "/samlp:Response/*[3]/*" 
Applies to
  • EZproxy

Here are the steps for fixing the error message:

  1. If you recently updated your metadata file and replaced it in the EZproxy root directory, you must ensure it is Case-Sensitive.    
  2. An example would be FederationMetadata.xml must be FederationMetadata.xml and not federationmetadata.xml because they are different.
  3. Have someone sign in to make sure that it is working.
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