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Does EZproxy support Flash?

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  • EZproxy

EZproxy does not support Flash because EZproxy cannot rewrite embedded URLs inside a Flash file. This is pointed out on the EZproxy listserv ( You may be able to get Flash to work by making sure there are no absolute path names in URLs, but we do not support Flash with EZproxy. There are similar problems with Java applets and streaming media, therefore, we cannot support it. Unfortunately, this is a limitation of EZproxy and one that we do not expect to overcome.

Silverlight is not supported for the same reasons as Flash, Java applets and streaming video. URLs embedded in Silverlight applets cannot be transformed by EZproxy.

Proxying (in general) is possible because EZproxy acts like a simple web browser and faces the database. EZproxy then takes apart the whole html document and rewrites it so all the database links go back to EZproxy. When a user clicks a database link, the action goes to EZproxy and EZproxy presents the authenticated request to the database. If the link is hidden inside flash or a java application or a streaming video player EZproxy can't do the rewrites. So if a user requests an action, it is possible it will go straight to the provider and will appear to be from some random unauthorized web user. When there are "no absolute path names" the traffic might route back through EZproxy (and then could be passed on to the provider through the authenticated connection).

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