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Configure EZproxy to run as a Windows service

EZproxy can be configured to run as a Windows service, which will allow the program to start when your computer is powered up, before anyone logs on.

Before configuring EZproxy to run as a service, you must have already installed and configured EZproxy. See Install EZproxy for Windows for the installation steps that must be performed before you configure EZproxy to run as a service.

 Caution: OCLC does not recommend running EZproxy and Microsoft IIS on the same server, nor do we support such configurations.

Open an Administrator command prompt window

To install or remove EZproxy as a Windows Service, you must open a command prompt window as an administrator.

To do this, go to Start > All Programs > Accessories. Right-click Command Prompt > Run as administrator > Continue.

Install service

To install EZproxy as a Windows service, open an Administrator command prompt, change your current directory to your EZproxy directory, and issue the command:

ezproxy -si

Then you can start EZproxy running with the command:

net start ezproxy

Remove service

Regardless of how you install EZproxy as a Windows service, from an Administrator command prompt window, use the commands:

net stop ezproxy
ezproxy -sr

to remove EZproxy from running as a service.

Restart service

If you update config.txt, you need to restart the service. See Restart EZproxy for more information on how to restart EZproxy.

Historic note about -sw

If you installed an older version of EZproxy with the -sw option for IIS compatibility, you can change back to the -si form with the commands:

net stop ezproxy
ezproxy -sr
ezproxy -si
net start ezproxy