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Alignment Insights

Compare how your collection maps to your curriculum offerings.

Log into Choreo Insights dashboard > Insights > select Alignment Insights

1. My Library (Group A) - your institution

2. Comapartors (Group B) - where you can add comparator institutions

Compare your institution with other institutions by

  • Count of degrees awarded by curriculum category (US libraries only)
  • Count of monograph (Print Book and eBook) titles held

Visualize your collection by LC class that corresponds to a particular CIP code

 Note: CIP = Classification of Instructional; Programs

  • Add a given CIP code to an Insights builder search to analyze your collection by CIP Code.
  • Curriculum Data is for US institutions, obtained by the National Center for Education

Academic Title Holdings by LC Class

Add your institution to the "My Library" section and then Click on the Apply button. This will give you an idea of what curriculum programs are being offered at your institution.

Academic Program Completions

Data from the National Center of Educational Statistics (NCES) reports on degree completions by degree type and CIP codes (Classification Instructional Programs). Set your mouse over any of the CIP codes listed to see information about the number and type of degrees completed in the most recent year.

This gives you a quick overview of what curriculum programs are being offered at your institution.