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I want to reregister borrowers en masse without checking the details of each one

Applies to
  • Amlib Borrower

It is possible to find those borrowers who have expired and mass change the registration date to a date in the future if required.

However no checking can be done of the contact details of each borrower, which is usually the purpose of the re-register action.

First of all find those Borrowers who have an expiry date less than the current date:

  1. Go to Main > Borrowers > BorrowerWhere - the Borrower Where Search screen will display.
  2. HIghlight the Reg Exp field from Box 1 (Choose Column to Search).
  3. Select the Operator of < from Box 2 (Choose Operator).
  4. Click the Special button at Box 3 (Type the WHERE Condition).
  5. Highlight Current Date and click Paste.
  6. It will populate the Table at Box 4 (Query Description) as Reg Exp < Current Date.
  7. Click F7 QtoFile - the Borrower Saved Query Results window will display.
  8. Click F1 New to create a New Saved File.
  9. Type a name for the File in the Details column - for example, Expired Borrowers.
  10. Click F3 Save.
  11. Highlight this new saved file and click F9 Select.
  12. The Saved File count will display, showing the number of borrowers contained in the file.
  13. Click OK.

Secondly mass change the Borrowers in this file to a new Expiry Date.

  1. Go to Main > Borrowers - the Borrower screen will display.
  2. Select the File menu > Display File.
  3. Highlight the saved file from the above (e.g. Expired Borrowers).
  4. Click F9 Select.
  5. From the Borrowers List window select Table > Mass Borrower Change.
  6. In Box 1 select BorExp.
  7. In Box 2 enter the New Column Value for the new Expiry Date (in dd/mm/yyyy format). For example, 31/12/2023).
  8. Click Paste.
  9. Check the date to ensure it is correct.
  10. If you wish to update all the Borrowers in the File to this new Expiry Date, select F3 Update.
  11. The new expiry date will apply to every borrower in the file.
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