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Unload usernames

Learn how to find all the usernames and passwords for your Amlib system.

It is possible find out all the usernames and passwords for your Amlib system. This can be useful if no one can remember a particular login.

  1. Navigate to the Amlib folder on your Amlib server:
  2. Locate and launch the unload.exe application:
  3. Click the button under the Unload SQL heading – the Unload SQL login prompt will display:
  4. Type in the User Name and Password for your Amlib SQL databases (usually SYSADM/SYSADM) and enter in the Database: AMLOCAL
  5. Click the OK button – the Unload SQL screen will display:
  6. Tick the Create box in the Tables section, select OPERATOR from the list underneath and tick the Data box
  7. Click the Unload button – the Unload SQL dialog screen will display:
  8. Navigate to somewhere easily accessible like your desktop and click the Save button – the file will save, once complete, the a prompt with the following message will display:

    The AMLOCAL database has been successfully unloaded.
  9. Click the OK button and close out of the unload.exe application by clicking the red [ X ]
  10. Navigate to the location of the saved file (OPERATOR.SQL), right-click on it and Open With Notepad:
  11. All of the usernames and passwords in your Amlib databases will be down the bottom of the file: