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NetOPACs unsuccessful search terms

Learn how to view the unsuccessful search terms used in Amlib.

Amlib keeps track of successful and unsuccessful search terms entered in to the NetOpacs (Version 5.2 and higher.

  1. Then navigate to Librarymenu > Opacs > OpacQueries
  2. In Amlib navigate to Main > Opacs >OpacButtons 
  3. Using the dropdown menus you may set up a search then select F5 Query 

    Results of a search for Data found:

    Results for a search for data not found:


The Query buttons include:


  • NetOpacs
  • Opacs (Windows opac)


These are set by the Stats Params for NetOpacs and the Button Numbers for Opac. For example:

  • 500 WebAuthor
  • 501 WebTitle


Enter the Date range (Date from and the Date to Note: Amlib will enter the / if the correct format is used e.g. 01/08/07)


Arrow down to find the correct setting

  • All (Left blank)
  • Y (Only finds the successful search terms)
  • N (Only finds the unsuccessful search terms)


Unsuccessful Searches can be used as a basis for Fuzzy Match settings or Cross References, so that the terms typed can be directed to a preferred term e.g.
Teenagers SEE Adolescents
Car Repairs SEE Motor Vehicles – Maintenance and Repairs
Cooking SEE Cookery