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Copy parameters using advanced copy

Learn how to copy a Supervisor installation setting from one location to multiple locations in Amlib.

Often it is necessary to copy a Supervisor Installation setting from one location to multiple locations which can be done suing the Advanced Copy window.

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Installation 

  2. Select Installation > Advanced Copy 

  3. In the Parameter Set dropdown, select the area specific to the installation parameters you wish to copy, or select All.

  4. Select DEFAULT as your source location, unless you wish to copy a setting from a different location (if so, select this as your source location, using the drop down box)
  5. In the top table, select the parameter/s you wish to copy across by ticking the box in the ‘Copy’ column.

    Alternatively, select all parameters by clicking the Select All button.

  6. In the second table, select the location you wish to copy the parameters to, by clicking in the box in the ‘Copy’ column

    Alternatively, select all locations by clicking the Select All button.

  7. Select the F6 Copy button at the top of the screen

  8. A message will display when the process is complete

  9. If the ‘Warn when copying blank parameters’ box is ticked, and you have selected any parameters with blank values, you may receive the following message

  10. Choose Yes to proceed

  11. Select the Done button to close the window