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Calendar dates

Learn how to mark days as closed in the calendar in Amlib.

Calendar dates

It is possible to mark days to be ‘closed’ in the calendar. Days showing as red on the calendar have been set as closed.

Clicking a red date will cause the explanation to appear in the status line at the base of the screen. When an item is issued, the program will ensure that it the item is not due for return on closed dates. Reservations will not be due for collection on closed dates. Dates may be entered as far in advance as desired.

  1. In Amlib navigate to Main > Supervisor > Calendar
  2. To mark a date as a closed day, single click the date and Select F2 Set
  3. Type a suitable description in the dialogue box and OK
  4. Then F3 Update
    Where a Return By date falls on a closed date, the system allocates the next non closed date past that date

key description

F2 Set

Enables dates to be closed

F3 Update

Saves the dates set as closed

F4 Delete

Deletes the closed status of the date highlighted

F5 Query

Refreshes the calendar to dates closed as they were the last time the calendar was saved

Arrow keys

To scroll through the calendar you may use the F7 through F10 keys.

key description



Scrolls to the beginning of the year. Clicking again, scrolls back to one year past



Scrolls to the previous month for the year as displayed



Scrolls to the next month for the year as displayed



Scrolls to the end of the year. Clicking again scrolls one year in advance

Calendar menu

Choose Location

If the dates are to vary from Location to Location, the calendar will be set differently in each location by selecting this option. Once selected a listing of locations is displayed from which you are able to choose the relevant location.

Copy to all

If the dates are to be the same in every Location, the calendar will be set for all Locations by selecting this option.

Always closed days

Dates can be set if a Library service is always going to be closed on a particular day of the week, for example not open on weekends, closed every Wednesday. This option is only possible if every site is to be shut on this day of the week.

  1. Navigate to Main > Supervisor > Installation
  2. Click on the Circulation tab
  3. For the setting “Days of week where all locations are closed (0=Sun, )” in the Value column type in the number for the day to be closed, single number, with a space in between each number i.e. Sunday is 0, Monday is 1 Tuesday is 2


Log out of Amlib and Log back in again for any changes made in the Supervisor Module to take effect