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Source types and examples

Find information and examples about source types in Amlib SIP2.


Predefined actions that may that may be used in Parameters or Message fields

Valid Actions

  • Borrower Available Hold Count
  • Borrower Issues Count
  • BorrowerMemoCount
  • BorrowerOutstanding
  • BorrowerOverduesCount
  • BorrowerUnavailableHoldCount
  • ItemCirculationStatus
  • ItemMemoCount
  • ItemMediaType
  • ItemProperties
  • CheckinAlertTypeLocation
  • Checkin3MChuteAlertTypeLocation
  • BorrowerMemoText
  • ItemMemoText
  • BorrowerMaxOverdueDays


When an Item Memo Count is present, then a message will display “Please call at the Information Desk as we have a message for you” as the result will be False for the Source/Target calculation – so message will display


Value that is fixed and not changed via the Database – Text values


Item Charge cancelled (Source and Target value of Y as a String Value)

When SIP2 Server Checking for ‘Ok’ as a value – it has now been changed so values for ‘Ok’ fields are now 0 or 1 (not Y or N) when set to a constant type. This is only valid for 3M settings.


The value is derived from a table and column in the Amlib Database Valid Table entries:

  • Borrower
  • Stockitem
  • Items On Loan
  • Reservation
  • Financial Transactions

Once the Table is selected, the columns for that table are available for selection in the second value dropdown.

Note – the first Value is always a Table Name and then the second Value is always a column for from that Table. For example, Borrower in the First column, Borrower Type in the second value column


The Special button displays a Target List which allows for the Values to be selected.


The Value is derived from a field in the Request Message from Vendor. The fields available are dependent on the message type as defined in the SIP2 protocol. This may be a better option than querying the Database to find the Value, as it is fast and efficient

Example of valid Incoming Field Names

  • Fee Amount
  • Language
  • Patron Identifier
  • Patron Password
  • Item Identifier

Example: Borrower PIN required


The Value is text only and no Target value needs to be defined. Fields within messages where these may be used are

  • Screen Message – used as a defaults unless an Error Message displays
  • Print message – for slip printers depending on the SIP2 client
  • Institution ID: Library Name

Target Types

If the Source Type = Database then the available Target Types are derived from column definition in the Amlib database.

  • Database – derived from the Database values
  • DateTime Value – Date and Time
  • Decimal Value – Numbers showing decimal places
  • Integer Values – Number Values
  • String List – List of Alpha/Numeric codes
  • String Value - Value which may be Alpha/Numeric


Operator used when evaluating Source and Target Values.

The values available for selection are dependent on the Source and Target Type.

  • Exists (special case for Borrower, Item Lookup)
  • Equal
  • Not Equal
  • Greater
  • Less
  • Greater Than or Equal
  • Less Than or Equal
  • In
  • Not In