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Change slip printer message in SIP2 Manager

Learn how to change the slip printer message in the Amlib SIP2 Manager.

Once the Instance has been created and saved, it is possible to alter the Parameters if required

  1. From the Instances Window, highlight the relevant Instance and select Edit Parameters
  2. The Parameters Window will display
  3. Select the Parameter for System – Print Message and Double click or press Edit. The fields will display in the lower section
  4. The default Description, Message and Type of the parameter will display
  5. Change the Message Text as required
  6. When complete click Apply
  7. To exit the screen click the OK button


The Value is text only and no Target value needs to be defined. Fields within messages where these may be used are

  • Screen Message – used as a defaults unless an Error Message displays
  • Print message – for slip printers depending on the SIP2 client
  • Institution ID: Library Name

These Messages only apply to some Vendors – see the following Table


Institution ID 3M,E,L,S,T

Message: Name of Library

Source: Message

Target: StringValue Eastville Library

Print message 3M,E,L,S,T

Message for Library

To display for Reports etc.

Source: Message

Target: StringValue Main Branch

Screen Message 3M,E,L,S,T

Message for Screen

To display on the screen as a Default unless an alternative message displays due to an alert message etc.

Source: Message

Target: StringValue

Thank you for using the Eastville Library


3M = 3M, E = Envisionware, L = Logitrack, S = Smart Library, T = Talking Tech