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Add an extra bonus issue

Learn how to add infrequent or bonus issues in Amlib.

Adding infrequent issues or bonus issues 

A Copy and Paste facility is available in both the Copies section on the Main Periodical Screen and in the Issues section of the Subscriptions Screen. This allows an infrequent subscription to be added into the issues table when an unexpected issue arrives. This may be for an extra donated copy or unexpected Bonus issues.


  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Periodicals > Periodical – the Periodical screen will display
  3. Search for a periodical record via F5 Query button
  4. From the main Periodical menu select: XReferences > Subscriptions – the Periodical Subscriptions and Issues screen will then open
  5. Highlight the issue to copy
  6. Click the Copy button just above the Issues table
  7. Click the Paste button to add into the issues table
  8. The Issue Description can then be altered to reflect the periodical that has been newly entered f- for example: Winter Special
  9. When complete, select the F3 Update button from the top of the screen
  10. From the main Periodical Subscriptions and Issues menu, select XReferences > Periodical to return to the main Periodical screen (this will then make the copy available for receipt)