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Troubleshooting and tips

Find information about overloading memory and function errors in Amlib OpenReports.

Overloading Memory

If too much data is retrieved there is a danger of overloading the Memory and receiving an error

If a lot of data is to be retrieved or an out of memory message is received, work out how to overcome this by filtering the data in sections. For example, Authorities that start with an “A”, Stock split up by Stats codes, Borrowers according to Borrower Types etc. Depending on what the data is, there can be advantages on receiving the data in logical sections

Getting Function errors

Invalid column name

Maybe the Order Data Field has not been used in the Group of Display Field. To rectify select the Order Data Field to that which has been used as a Group or Display Field

Error converting data type vachar to numberic

The format entered for the number is not able to be filtered. It is important the Format used for the Filter is entered without extra formatting

 Note: You can use symbols $ 0.00 when setting the format for the Display Fields