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OPAC request and suggest entity

Find information about the OPAC request and suggest entity in Amlib OpenReports.

New requests

The Entity is showing which Items have been requested via NetOpacs or OpenOPAC for requests to purchase or to receive via Inter Library Loan and queries what have been entered within the Supervisor/Opac/Opac Suggests

  1. Select New from the buttons of the Report Designer
  2. The Edit Report Window will display
  3. Enter a Report Title in the Report Title section. This can display at the top of the report. For the sample we can give a Title of “Opac Requests
  4. Enter a Group if the Reports for example Opac
  5. Enter a Sub Group for example Requests
  6. Choose Report Type from the Drop-down options (Table is default):
    • Table – set out in rows and columns (select for the sample)
  7. Select Orientation
    • Landscape (select for the sample)
  8. Leave Show sql
  9. Show details: For this sample Report we will leave as the Defaults
    • All: To display all the details
  10. Show Sub totals if a calculation based on Groups is required (Default is unticked). For the sample untick this
  11. Show total if a Total calculation of the Sub totals is required (Default is unticked). For the sample untick this
  12. Private For our sample leave this unticked.
  13. Show header on first page. For our sample leave this ticked
  14. Show header on next pages. For our sample leave this unticked

Display Fields

  1. Highlight the Opac Requests or Suggests Entity from the Entities / Data Fields
  2. Drag and drop the required Data Fields into the Display Field Column. In this sample we have OPAC Title, Opac Date and Opac Library Response
  3. Highlight the Borrower Entity from the Entities / Data Fields
  4. Drag and drop Borrower Full Name – Surname, Given (or required name field/s) into the Display Field Column at the required level for display
  5. Change the Header to Requester’s Name (or what is required) by Selecting on this Field once

Note: The Format Field will be different depending if the Data Field comes from Netopacs or OpenOPAC


There will be no Group for this report


  1. Return to Report Designer
  2. Select the Opac Requests or Suggests Entity
  3. Drag and drop OPAC Date to the Filter
  4. Select Greater than from the Drop-down Options
  5. Select a date from the Calendar or use the Current Date – x days

Order by

There can be an order if required. In this sample there is no Order selected


Select Preview to view the Report

Note: The OPAC Title could be made narrower and the OPAC Library Response wider so that it fits better on the page


Once the Report is successful, save so it can be used again in the Viewer or Designer