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Language and Date control of browsers via iis settings

Learn how to use IIS settings for language and date control of browsers.

To control the language setting of all your browsers in your institution /library who are accessing the OpenOPAC, you will need to change 2 settings in IIS [Internet Information Services manager]

  1. Open IIS7
  2. Highlight OpenOpacGui in your sites folder on the left
  3. Select Net.Globalisation from the ASP.NET box under OpenOpacGui home Page
  4. There will be a drop down menu besides Culture and UI Culture
  5. Change both of these to English (Australia) (en-AU) and then select Apply in the top right hand corner.

This will ensure that the flag in the top right hand corner of your browser when you access the OpenOPAC will always be the Australian flag. This setting appears to affect Chrome, Firefox and IE.