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Add a global pin

Learn about adding a global pin, creating a file for borrowers without a pin, and mass changing the pin in Amlib.

Sometimes to secure the login to OpenOPAC or to authenticate to Ebook vendors it is necessary to use a PIN. It is possible to allocate a PIN manually to each borrower but can be done globally to set a PIN and then the Borrower can alter the PIN themselves via OpenOPAC.

The best way to manage this if you don't usually use or want your students to use PIN numbers - is to give them all the same PIN number like 1234 or 9999 .

Set the search size within borrower 

  1. Access the Amlib programs.
  2. Go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower.
  3. Go to the Borrower Menu (top of screen).
  4. Select SetSearchSize.
  5. Highlight the best number for your site to ensure you get all borrowers. For example 5000.

Create a file for borrowers with no pin

  1. Create a Borrower Where search by going to Main > Borrower >Where.
  2. From Box 1 click Pin.
  3. In Box 2 select =
  4. Click the Paste button.
  5. It will show at the bottom of the Table as Pin is null.
  6. Click F7 QtoFile.
  7. This will take you to the Borrower Saved Query Results window.
  8. Select F1New and type in a description for this file – for example “No PINs”.
  9. Save with F3 Save.
  10. Highlight this new file and click F9 Select. Check that the Qty column has the number chosen and NOT 0.

Mass change the pin

  1. Go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower.
  2. Go to the File Menu .
  3. Select Display file > Highlight the No PIN file and click F9 Select - a table of all these borrowers will appear.
  4. Go to the Table Menu and select Mass Borrower Change (if you do not have this option we need to set up permissions for your Username so let me know).
  5. Choose PIN from Box 1, and enter the global in your PIN you will give in Box 2 and click the Paste button.
  6. To make the change press F3 Update.
  7. If the students at a later date want to set their own Pins they can via the OpenOPACs Accessing Where Search.
  8. If you want later to check a PIN you can go to Main > Borrowers > Borrower. Locate the Borrower and then go to the Borrower Menu > Show PIN. The PIN will display in the bottom left hand corner.