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Merge duplicate shared authorities

Learn how to mass merge duplicate shared authorities and find information about the Authority Key in Amlib.

Mass merge duplicate shared authorities

This is a process where the system will automatically mass merge any Shared Authorities (for example: Subject headings or Authors) that have identical Search Keys without User Intervention.

The fuller Authority is retained, and the shorter version merged with it.

 Note:  This option should be used with caution as some Authors may have the same name but in fact are different Authors – for example: John Smith (1866 - 1924) and John Smith (1948 -) are different authors but they have the same Search Key (Authority Key) – these would be merged if this option is run.

What is the Authority Key?

An Authority Key is the actual Database Key. It is how the Authority is stored by Amlib in the database. It is used for searching purposes within Amlib.

  • You can see an example of the current Authority Key by going to Main > Supervisor >

Authorities and searching for an authority – for example: Peter Carey

  • The Authority Key appears in GREY BOLD text below:

Merge the Shared Authorities

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go To Main > Authorities > MarcTagMaintenance – the Marc Tag Maintenance screen will display:
  3. Enter the following settings:
    • 1. Choose the Marc Tag Maintenance Task: select Mass Merge Duplicate Shared Authorities
    • 2. Specify which Marc Tags(s) to apply the change to: click the Select Tags... button – the Select Tag(s) screen will display:
    • Select the Marc Tag(s) to which to apply the task (for example: 650 | Author – Personal Name) and click the OK button
    • The 3. Select other options relating to the maintenance task box will be greyed out
    • The 4. New subfield type box will be greyed out
  4. Click the F3 Start button to begin the task process – once the process is completed a prompt will display how many Authority records were merged:

    XXX Authorities have been merged into XX Authorities.
  5. Click the OK button