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Create a new notes tag in authority

Learn how to create a new notes tag in an authority in Amlib.

Only those tags defined on the system will be available for data coming from the import. For example if a 511 Tag is imported via SCIS, this tag will only go into Amlib if the tag is defined. The example is for defining the 511 Tag.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Authorities > MarcTags – the Marc Tags Within the System screen will display:
  3. Highlight an existing Notes tag (for example: 520 | Summary) and click the F2 Insert button – a new entry will appear just above the selected Tag
  4. Enter the details as used previously by other Notes fields
    • Enter the N (Notes) in the Keyword Search Code column if you want this Notes fields to be searchable via a Keyword search.
  5. Click the F3 Update button when complete
  6. Highlight the new tag line, and click the F7 SubF button – the Tag Subfields screen will display:
  7. Click the F1 New or F2 Insert button to enter the subfield data as appropriate
  8. Notes are Non- Authorities so ensure that the Authority (Y/N) and Used in Search Key (Y/N) fields are both set to N. This search is only related to Authority Browse searching so it will still be Keyword searchable if required
  9. Click the F3 Update button when complete