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Authority replace

Learn how to replace all occurrences of an Authority with the selected Authority in Amlib.

Authority replace (merge)

This option replaces all occurrences of an Authority (usually Subject headings or Authors) with the selected Authority and can be used for Global Changes or Merges. All associated catalogue records and stockitems will now be attached to the same Authority.

This procedure can only be performed on Authorities that have the same Tag number.

In the example, all occurrences of Rowling, J. K. will be changed to Rowling, Joanne K., 1965-.

  1. Launch the Amlib client
  2. Go to Main > Authorities > Authorities – the Authorities screen will display
  3. Find the CORRECT term that is to be used as the replacement by typing some or all of the term and clicking the F5 Query button
  4. The results will display in the Authority List screen:
  5. Double-click the CORRECT Tag to select it – the CORRECT tag will display in the Authorities screen – in this example: Rowling, Joanne K., 1965-
  6. From the Authorities menu, select Authority > AuthorityReplace – the Heading Replace screen will display:
  7. Find the INCORRECT term to alter to the correct term (for example: Rowling, J. K.) using the F5 Query
  8. Highlight the heading to be replaced and click the F3 Replace button – a prompt will display with the following message: Replace 'INCORRECT' with 'CORRECT'. Are you sure?
  9. Clicking the Yes button will alter all instances of 'Rowling, J. K.' to be replaced with 'Rowling, Joanne K., 1965 -' (the term that is replaced will be deleted)