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Add a series when using Split Authority

Learn how to add a series to an authority in Amlib.

 In this example a new Series is added to an Authority.

  1. Search for the Catalogue to which the Series will be added
  2. Select Insert from the right hand side of the Catalogue data
  3. Double Click on the 490 tag from the Select For Creation window
  4. Enter the Series title in the Search term box and select F5 Query
  5. If the series title already exists, highlight it and select F3 Replace. If it does not Select F2NewAuth and create a new series title
  6. A popup will display asking which you would like to Modify. Select the Non-Auth button to enter the part/volume designation
  7. Enter the part/volume designation and F3 Update
  8. A subfield box will display, where a Series Number (v Subfield) can be entered if required. If no number is to be entered, close the box.
  9. A popup will then ask is you would like to Modify the Authority (series title). If not, click No
  10. The Series is then entered