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I cannot log on to WorldShare. I am getting a message that says: "You are not authorized to access WorldShare Management Application."

  • I am attempting to log into WorldShare, but instead get an error message.
  • The message reads: “You are not authorized to access WorldShare Management Application. You are logged into YOUR INSTITUTION NAME. Log out before logging into another institution.”
Applies to
  • WorldShare 

If you have Service Configuration open within the same browser, close it or open WorldShare within another browser.  

If not, this error may be due to your account not being assigned proper roles to access WorldShare.

  1. Contact the User Administrator for your institution and ask for WorldShare roles to be added to your account.
  2. If you do not have a User Administrator at your institution, please contact OCLC Support.  Support will need to know your OCLC symbol and account username.
Additional information

Information about how to assign roles to users is available.

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